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World Series Portable Fridge Rematch

The 2008 World Series was a contrast in temperatures and conditions,
and now the Phillies vs. Rays matchup returns for Fridge Wars. Get one
of these Boelter Portable Refrigerators
right now at the MLB.com Shop, and if you time it right, you can save
25 percent with the Cyber Monday sale from 12-5 p.m. ET today (Dec. 1).

Phillies Fridge: Cold and filled with happiness inside, busting out with celebration.


Rays Fridge: Perfectly controlled interior temperature, set exactly where you want it.


Wish List from Toronto

Wow, we already have gobs of Wish Lists emailed in thanks to the post on the community MLBlog. This is another cool way to get traffic to your own blog. Here’s one from Jeremy at homerfoodandhistory.mlblogs.com, and I am just going to post these verbatim without editing so feel free to include links and even images within your email if you want to be included. Will gradually get to them all so keep an eye out here…

Here is my list starting with,


1.  Toronto Blue Jays Alberta Cooperstown Knit Cap (what is this knit cap thing????  Its a toque and will always be a toque as far as Im concerned).


I need this if winter in Toronto is going to be as bad as it was last
year.  The retro look is becoming very popular (i.e. with flashback
Fridays last year, where the Jays wore their old powder blues),
gotta respect the tradition.  I bet some Jays wore this type of toque
in early April, when the Jays played in Exhibition Stadium.




2.   Toronto Blue Jays Cooperstown/Modern Reversible Knit (toque!)


I’m really in the toque market right now.  It is starting to get very
cold here!  This one is also cool!  I wish the Jays will one day be in
the toque market, playing October baseball away.




3.  Highland Mint Toronto Blue Jays Commemorative Stadium Coin


The commemorative stuff, ya, I am always all over that.  I even have a
piece of turf from the Skydome, when they had the astroturf stuff. 
This would be a great gift for me. 




 4.  Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Game Performance 59FIFTY On-Field Cap w/2008 All-Star Patch


Can you believe, as much as I love the Jays, I don’t own a Blue Jays Cap.  I’m hoping on changing that in the near future!  This would be the perfect hat.  All-Star edition for the last year of Yankee StadiumRoy Halladay
was the lone representative for the Blue Jays in the game.  He is my
favorite player!  When I wear this around campus, people will know I’m
a serious fan!  Please Santa, I’ve been a good 26 year old!




5.  San Diego Padres Authentic 1978 Dave Winfield Home Jersey by Mitchell & Ness


There are a lot of cool retro jerseys at mlbshop,
I’ve always like the padre ones.  This (ex-Jay) David Winfield jersey
is styling, but I would want to personalize one to say Gaston on back
(going back to his playing days with San Diego).  That would be a good jersey for next season!


SD M&N AU 1978 ALT #31 JRSY Gold/Brown



Jeremy Homer


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