5 Hot Items

Kenji Johjima Game-Used Bat

Guru loves it because: The first-ever Japanese catcher in the Majors homered in his first two games.

A-Rod 1500-Hit Game-Used Ball

Guru loves it because: If he’s in the 3,000-hit club someday at Cooperstown, how cool will it be to say you got the halfway ball? And it’s signed.

I’M COCO NUTS! T-shirt

Guru loves it because: A lot of Red Sox fans already are Coco Nuts after Crisp’s first week.

2006 MLB Easter Gift Basket

Guru loves it because: Loaded with everything you really want instead of 473 million calories.

Jose Contreras Game-Worn Autographed Road Jersey

Guru loves it because: Proceeds go to Chicago White Sox Charities and it’s a great collectible from the world championship season.

One comment

  1. Cyn

    Oh “Guru”…I know I have given you grief in the past, but I’m here to praise you today, not condemn you!

    I saw the back of that Coco shirt at Fenway last week and have been looking everywhere for it…it honestly never occurred to me to look in the MLB store.

    So if you get any kind ofo kickback, er, commission, for pimping,er, suggesting, these products – make sure they know you’re the reason I bought one! 🙂

    Seriously, thanks M!


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